Sheaffer Build Process

The Sheaffer Build Process…What to Expect:

Sheaffer builds custom center console fishing/family boats on a limited production basis to exact customer specifications. By ordering a new Sheaffer Boat, you’ll own one of the finest boats in its class with performance and functionality appreciated long after the sale. In addition, our service after the sale is second to none.

The Pre-Build Process

Explore and discover Sheaffer Boats through our Website and by scheduling a facility tour. Talk to other Sheaffer Boat owners and schedule a test ride.

Experience the difference. Let us show you The Sheaffer Difference, who we are, what we believe and why we do everything The Sheaffer Way. Purchasing a boat is a big decision….after seeing what makes Sheaffer different, we encourage you to take your time and look at other boats.   

Design and Specifications

Sheaffer Boats are custom made to your exact specifications. Our number one goal is to fulfill all your boating requirements.

First, we uncover what you want from your boat. What are your must-haves and what will make the boat fit your lifestyle best?

We do this by sitting together and thoroughly spec’ing out the boat. From choosing the series and model that works best for you and your family to picking out a color, we go over every option and talk about what makes the most sense with your needs and budget in mind.

Our one-on-one consults give you the opportunity to convey your essentials and ask questions of our experts. We will show you every option and discuss the pros, cons and monetary considerations in depth.


After Design and Specifications, we give you a quote good for 30 days.

While we do not take trade ins, we can help you sell your boat. If your boat is sold through Sheaffer Marine to the buyer, you can receive a credit on your sales tax for the new boat.


After the Purchase Agreement has been signed and upon receipt of first down payment, we give your boat a hull number and enter the first phase of production. We require one-third down on the boat before lamination can begin. In the planning phase, we thoroughly review your boat’s specifications and drawings to outline the construction process. We also begin ordering the necessary parts and materials.


The first items we order are your gelcoat / paint color, tower, upholstery and electronics.

Change orders:

  1. If the color is changed after the order is placed, you are charged for the complete order as we are unable to return color products after purchase.
  2. You are not charged for change orders unless product has been ordered or labor time has commenced. If item has been ordered, there will be a restocking fee – in some cases items cannot be returned and will be identified. 
  3. Items can be added without charge but may require additional labor.   
  4. After hull is pulled, there is a $100 change order fee per item plus cost of item.

Construction is an exciting time and we welcome you to come by any time to see the progress of your new Sheaffer Boat. We take pictures during the entire build process of your new boat and will gladly provide you with copies.



Taking delivery of your new Sheaffer Boat is almost here! And we need just a few more decisions from you to ensure your boat is delivered where and when you want it.

We start by confirming your delivery point. Will you be picking up your new boat or will we be delivering it? We can bring it to a local ramp or destination of your choosing. A delivery fee may apply for non-local deliveries.

If you have not purchased a custom Sheaffer Boat trailer, we do rent our trailers to Sheaffer Boat owners for special trips, vacations, or to bring to our facility for repair and maintenance.

You will need USCG equipment; please let us know if you would like us to outfit your boat with the required USCG equipment or any other boating accessories to make your maiden voyage convenient and memorable.

With a custom Sheaffer Boat, we are happy to apply your registration decal numbers. If you want us to apply your registration numbers, we must receive final payment two weeks before your delivery date. Otherwise, we send them to you approximately ten days after closing. We apply Sheaffer Select numbering; giving your boat a clean, classic look.

And the last step, we buff, clean and do a final detail to your boat. Your new Sheaffer Boat is pristine and perfect, ready for years of boating enjoyment.

Post Delivery

Our goal after delivery is to have a positive, continuous and long-term relationship with Sheaffer Boat owners. We are always here for you. Please call anytime with questions or problems.

As a Sheaffer Boat owner, you are our number one priority. We offer pick-up and delivery transport of your boat for service and maintenance, fees based on location. And, we rent our custom Sheaffer Boat trailers for special trips, vacations and for you to bring the boat to our facility for service.