The Sheaffer Boat Legacy

Long before starting the design of the Sheaffer Boat in 1997, Ben Sheaffer gathered input on the “ideal” bay / hybrid fishing boat from his customers, many of whom were professional sport fishing guides. The result: a high-quality boat that is easy to maintain and built to last.

On a regular basis, customers would bring in older 1970s-era fishing boats and other classic boats for renovation.  Bay fishermen liked these old boats because their hulls allowed them to go into the flats while providing a stable platform for offshore fishing. However, renovating vintage boats is an expensive proposition. Most had serious structural and delamination problems. The idea for the Sheaffer Boat was born. Instead of spending time repairing older fishing boats, why not build a modern, improved version? 

“We made a point of asking customers what they would change about their current boats and what they’d like in a new boat,” commented Ben Sheaffer, master boat builder and designer of the Sheaffer Boat. Their answers all had a familiar ring: a hull that runs comfortably in both backwater and blue water, a broad beam for stability and roominess to fish more than four, solid construction to last a lifetime, ease of maintenance, and classic good looks. 

Meticulous attention to detail is found throughout all Sheaffer Boats. Sheaffer Boats are designed for ease of maintenance and durability that is lacking in most boats today. Look at the fiberglass-reinforced sandwich construction using linear polymer structural foam and high-quality marine resins employed throughout the boats. Sheaffer Boats uses blister-resistant gel coat for better finish; methacrylate for superior bonding to polyester and vinylester; phenolic board for strong structural tie ins that will not rot, corrode or absorb moisture; a polyester ceramic-casted transom; and thru bolting whenever possible. These are just some of the many superior materials and processes that go into the construction of Sheaffer Boats.

“We wanted to build a boat that will literally last a lifetime. One that is appreciated as much ten years down the road as it is on delivery,” commented Ben. “For Sheaffer Boats, it isn’t just about profits and margins, it’s about creating a legacy, a boat that will stand the test of time for our customers.”

With all the technology, time, effort and resources poured into Sheaffer Boats, now you can enjoy fishing and cruising with confidence and freedom in shallow water or off shore. Versatility, quality, attention to detail, and ease of maintenance – a sport fish boat for those who know the difference.